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Maximal Analytics + Bill Minimizer = True

Two platforms will become one!

Two statistical platforms become one

Maximal Analytics, the platform that provides business intelligence for mobile subscriptions, with many great features such as market overview, statistical charts and graphs will in the coming month be merged with the consumer friendly platform Bill Minimizer.

Bill Minimizer, the goto platform for mobile subscription selection in Sweden and United Kingdom will get additional tools and features from Maximal Analytics that will enable consumers and industry specialists to analyze mobile subscriptions in depth.

Mobile Industry Data & Statistics

We collect subscription and tariff data from leading mobile networks and MVNO’s across Europe. Get comprehensible graphs, charts and reports for industry analytics, product developers, marker researchers and industry strategists.

Mobile Subscription and Pricing Analysis

Whether you’re an analyst, product manager, market researcher or just curious on how different operators model or structure their subscriptions. We provide both simple and complex information about mobile subscriptions and tariff details.

What you get!

Here are some of the awesome features...


Get instant overview of important statistics and drill down into charts and graphs to get into the full nitty gritty details and aspects of mobile subscription and tariffs.

Subscription overview

Get complete, easy, comprehensible statistics and insight to the current mobile subscriptions in your markets. See historical development with or without voice indication.

Operator Statistics

Get complete overview of all available subscriptions from all operators. Browse with ease and compare different market offers without visiting every single website from all operators in a country or region.

User Profiles

Pick a template profile or model your own usage profile and see how different subscriptions stack up against each other. Model usage by data, sms, mms and voice, the graph is directly updated to reflect the different type of usage profiles.

Map view

Check different traffic cases such as mms, roaming, sms, calls and data on a world map. Hover the mouse over countries and see what the highest, lowest and median price is in different countries.

Export friendly

Want to play around with the data all by yourself? All views are easily exportable to Excel, CSV or PDF formats. Put them into presentations, market material or reports


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